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Append Service


Email Append

World To World Media specializes in Email Append, which uses your customers' names and postal addresses to quickly find their email addresses. You can boost sales and reduce costs by marketing to your current customers through email. We maximize the accuracy and quantity of email addresses you'll receive by using our in-house database of over 100,000,000 opt-in consumer records in combination with our industry leading technology with an average match rate of 25%. All data is can spam compliance and you can choose from over 100 selectable data points including unique attributes such as ethnicity, religion, credit ranking, and enhance your database for improved customer retention, communication and targeting. In the end, you are delivered a fully opted-in list that you can use again and again…because you own the data!


Why choose World to World Media to append your database?

Our 20%- 35% match rate is 10% higher than the industry standard.

We are the only company to append doubled confirmed opt-ins. So, the quality of data will be more responsive and last longer.

We have the most attribute specific data overlay on our append jobs.

Only 15%  of the companies out there perform in- house appending services, most companies have to charge more because they are outsourcing their append jobs to companies similar to us.

We own our own data which enables us to be much more aggressive with pricing than our competitors.

The data is appended at our secure  location and it never leaves the facility. Staff members can only enter with a thumbprint.

85% of our competition will outsource their client’s data without their knowledge to several different vendors.


The Email Appends process

You send a list of your customer names with their postal addresses to our secure and protected environment. Your customer files is matched against our database of consumer records to retrieve the corresponding email addresses ith the option of purchasing data overlays. We create and send a customized permission request message that will direct your customer to a website with your logo. There, your customer has a chance to opt-out of future email messages. All undeliverable matches are omitted and opt-out responders are flagged. A final file containing deliverable matches is returned to you.


Reverse Append

A reverse append is just the opposite of an email append. If your company acquired opt-in email addresses through laborious marketing efforts, but has know means to send your clients a direct mail piece, the reverse append can help. Top Response Media will gather your existing database of emails and append information to them such as: full name, complete mailing adress, household income, presence of children, etc. With the addition of a postal address and a phone number your company just attained two more channels to market to your customers.



Each year, over 40 million Americans change addresses. And this may cause your customer database to become non-responsive. We can bring your data back to life by running your list against the USPS database and updating address changes that have registered as far back as 48 months ago. NCOA increases the deliverability of your email and is an essential list maintenance tool.


Email Change of  Address ( ECOA )

Use World to World Media ECOA service to keep in contact with your customers.
Retain your customers by replacing old, undeliverable email addresses with the current addresses for your customers. Our ECOA rates are amongst the highest in the industry at 35%. We will also fix email addresses with spelling and syntax errors let us verify which email address can or can not receive mail. Recent studies indicate that nearly 35% of internet users change their email addresses every year. This may occur for a number of reasons. Going away to college, changing your address, and incentives to switch from a vast number of competing internet service providers are just a few reasons why email addresses changes so frequently. There are many advantages of using Top Response Media to ECOA your data. Just by increasing your online retention by 5% you can boost your profits by 35% to 90%.


Data Cleansing

World to World Media checks your current mailing list againt a CASS certified listing coordinated through the USPS. This is required in order to realize optimal postal savings. This process will identify any undeliverable addresses, or incomplete zip plus 4 zip codes. World to World Media will merge and purge your client list to eliminate duplicates and avoid aggravating potential customers with multiple mail pieces. It also prevents you from payng double postage to reach whole groups of people.


Our cleansing service uses special software that will:

Guarantee that each direct mail piece will be delivered to the Delivery Point and not “Returned to sender” due to “No Such Number”.

Confirm ZIP + 4 coded records actually exist and are a valid Delivery Point, and add correct suite, Unit or Apartment number.

Eliminate costly duplicates.

Decease Screen.

Use the USPS supplied data of over 151 million records, to confirm that an address is actually a deliverable destination.

Break each record or field into its smallest element.


Data Verification

Are you questioning data that you received from a vendor to whom you are paying to provide your company with unique leads? We can put your data through our 12 point data authenticity process. We will find patterns that form when dishonest vendors try to manipulate data.


7 filter sorts
 Probability checks
Fictitious name searches
DPV delivery checks
IP matches

Call verification %


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