World to World Media, Inc. designs, develops and implements custom, integrate online e-commerce and marketing strategies that focus on customer acqusition and retention, including:





The experts at WORLD TO WORLD MEDIA offer our clients and ultra-targeted approach. We’ve been utilizing Contextual Marketing technologies for years, having time and again proven our effectiveness in determining the success of our campaigns and optimizing to bring clients higher quality visitors and greater conversion rates.

Contextual marketing provides a mechanism for precision targeting to people interested in particular subject matter at the time and place they are looking at it. It displays ads to the individual user based on key words entered in search engines and the type of web sites the user visits. The marketing data is collected periodically and send in the background to the Web server which can  them be used to identify your most prominent customers.


The advantages of contextual marketing are that it allows you to address your target audience specifically. You will be able to retain a customer and at the same time reduce cost and time involved in marketing because the need to research customer habits is eliminated. Your ad will appear on the web page that your customer is currently viewing, allowing the customer to be directed to your website by simply clicking on your offer. Contextual Marketing is a methodology that delivers relevant advertising messages to online customers in a way that is synergistic with your products. Below are just a few of the ways that The Right List can help you achieve your  advertising goals with this approach


Optimization: Our system automatically adjusts campaign optimization efforts based on your marketing objectives.

Campaign Creation: Save time by creating a marketing campaign based on a template developed for your unique needs

Automatic Campaign Adjustments: Detect when advertising on one site is outperforming another, and advertise only on those sites that meet and exceed your Return On Investment expectations.

Treat Campaigns, Sites and Users as individuals:
Capitalize on individual relationships, ensuring a successful ROI. Learn and adjust to indiv.


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