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Lead Generation


  1. Do you collect prospect information on your website?
  2. Would you be interested in multiplyng that effort by 100 or 1000 and only pay for each new lead?
  3. Are you looking to increase the size of your email database?


If you answer yes to any of the questions asked on the left, lead generation is the marketing product for you. Imagine walking into your office on Monday morning and finding ten hot leads waiting for you and continue to flow in as you work.


What a way to start your business day. We will deliver quality leads from consumers who have requested information from you. These leads can be converted into customers. World to World Media offers several lead generation products such as EDS ( Email Database Survey ),Co- registration Leads and Banner Ads.

We have and affiliate network with more than 2000 high traffic websites. The lead generation forms are equipped with front end verification technology.


With our custom validation script consumers will not have the ability to submit a request if there address has discrepancies. Our form will confirm ZIP + 4 coded records actually exist and are a valid Delivery Point,  right down to the suite, Unit or Apartment number. Adresses must mach name and phone numbers or the lead will not process. We subject all data through our 12 point data authenticity process.


Our leads are not generated  with any incentives. Our registration forms are opt-in only, they do not come with boxes pre-checked. Consumers must check the box to opt-in. Many of our competitors will use incentive to generate leads. We can place your offer on a site that is most relevant to your product or service. A few sites have been generating 60 million page views a month. Once you witness our mind blowing ROI’s I am sure you too will be coming back for more.


The World to World Media Lead Generation Advantage


Our leads are not generated with any incentives. Consumers will not win a free IPOD, our registration forms are opt-in only and they do not come with boxes Pre-checked. You must check the box to opt-in. Many of our competitors will use Incentives to generate leads.


We offer more quality control. We run our names through verification systems to ensure that you get good data. These systems block fictitious names, profanities, incorrect addresses and phone numbers.

We are among the top 3 Co-reg services in the country when it comes to volume. We have more sites in our co-reg network than our competition and can gather more data for the client in a shorter period of time.

Because of our size and buying power, we can gather registrations at a lower cost to our customers.


Co-Registration what is Co-Registration?
Co- registrations offer companies the opportunity to build a list in a short period of time. Co- registration are leads generated through our network of sites. Through key strategic alliances, we have access to a network of sites. You can have access to the traffic driven by these sites and put your opt-in request or offer in front of millions of consumers each month. Best of all, the co-registrations are 100% opt-in. Some sites register up to 60 million co-registration page views per month with almost double the traffic during the holiday season.


According to the internet Advertising Bureau, co-registration is the fastest-growing segment of internet advertising.

Co-Registration’s market share tripled from 2% in ’04 to 6% in ’05, making it online advertising’s fastest growing sector with a $ 1 billion market, Co- Registration offers can be dynamically served based on geo-targeting,demographic information,referring site and, and other factors.




Build a comprehensive database of interested consumers. The higher conversion rates custom lead generation programs deliver will out weigh the implementation costs. Custom Co-registration is the most excepted form of lead generation. It gives you the opportunity to build your opt-in prospects list for e-newsletter suscriptions, memberships, loyalty programs, catalog subscriptions, new product launches and more. We guarantee that you are targeting the right market.

More World to World MEDIA Benefits:


Top quality offers
We only work with top brands and web properties.


Custom- designed registrations
Registration offers are customized to look exactly like your website.


Data verification
Advance data confirmation technology at the point of registration to minimize bad registrations.


Our technology self optimizes and dynamically targets offers to ensure your site visitors are presented with apropiate offers while you, in turn, earn the highest posible revenue.


Freedom of choice no incentives or opt-out offers

Cost effective
Advertisers pay only when they acquire new opt-in users that they can market to directly.


Pre-qualification: Advertisers can target qualified users based on their front end custom questions


Flexible lead processing systems ( accepts all e-mail,FTP and HTTP formats).


Improve future marketing campaigns: Through the better understanding of your potential customers.



A banner is a graphic used for advertising on websites other than your own and is somewhat similar to a traditional ad you would see in a printed publication, i.e,
A newspaper, but it has the added ability to bring a potential customer directly to the advertiser’s website. Imagine touching a printed ad and beign inmediatly teleported to the advertiser’s store! Our banner ads difer from a print ad in its dynamic capability. It stays in one place on a page, like a magazine ad, but it can
Present multiple images, include animation and change appearance in a number of other ways. We offer highly efective advertising campaigns that feature your offer on one of our many industry specific web portals. Our advanced resources provide not only demographic targeting, but also behavioral targeting. Our impressive targeting capabilities is coupled with extensive testing methodology that identifies the most effective site design and offers for your audience and message.

World to World Media uses only the industry’s most respected web portal networks to ensure the ability to deliver results that will continue to lead the market. We will optimize your ad to ensure the viewer can understand the benefit of your offer quickly. If your message is vague and can’t be understood in a couple of seconds, the average viewer will move on.


Below are a few ways World to World Media can help you market with banner ads:

Identify your audience and make sure your message interest them.

Ensure your message is clear.

Optimize your banner’s file size for quick downloads.

Attract more visitors to your site.

Support your brand.

Effective and affordable design solutions for multiple uses.

Choose as much exposure as you need. Volume discounts available!

Advertise on an extremely popular site and be seen by a great target market – the
Web professionals using

The traffic delivered to your site will consist of 100% unique individuals.

Traffic is monitored carefully to ensure that no visitors is delivered to your site more than once in a 7 day period.

Have the page that the visitors clicks to, download quickly and be easy to understand.


Through internal surveys we have the ability to enrich our database with customer demographic, lifestyle selects, spending habits and much more. We can use the same process to produce customs leads for your company. All we need to get started is and html creative along with your qualifyng questions. From there we can transmit your lead generation splash page to millions of potential leads in the form of an email broadcast. This is the most proactive form of lead generation available. Yo can go directly to the consumers who have interest in your product or service rather than waiting for a potential customer to go to your page or click on your search engine link. Let us broadcast your survey and get you the results you need


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