World to World Media, Inc. designs, develops and implements custom, integrate online e-commerce and marketing strategies that focus on customer acqusition and retention, including:



Mobile Marketing


Extend your marketing reach, get more from your advertising dollars, and build more loyal relationships with consumers. The vast majority of your prospective customers own a mobile communications device, capable of sending and receiving information. And, they have that Mobile Phone with them all day, every day. (SMS Marketing) – World To World Media is the top digital marketing firm to offer targeted mobile marketing solutions. Mobile advertising offers a truly unique platform for marketers to reach consumers of all ages. With our Mobile service, brands can reach a targeted audience of 30 Million savvy opt-in mobile users who have agreed to receive mobile messaging wherever they are. These users get a limited number of promotions per month (4 SMS max) and have an easy Opt-in / Opt-out mechanism in place to receive third party SMS (text message) promotions, but have also been identified and categorized as responders to previous SMS (text message) campaigns and promotions that are 100% SPAM FREE- and are sent in accordance with regulations set by the Mobile Marketing Association.


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