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With the Internet doubling in size every quarter, it is now more important than ever for websites to catch the eye of their target market. Effective web designs is far from and easy accomplishment. There are certain factors that can repel visitors, of which
novice designers and amateurs may not be aware.


World to World Media provide top-of-the-line Web Design. All of our designers have extensive Experience in website design and graphic art. Thousands of customers rely on our designers for Their web design needs. Your website represents Your company’s image, and a professionally Designed website will give your business a strong Boost. World to World Media will take care of your web needs from web hosting to web page design to online marketing.


Products and Services


Email Marketing

World To World Media email service will allow you to go beyond-the-target and reach over 100 million online consumers based on historical behavioral responses to targeted email promotions and online surveys. This will allow your company to target the nitch markets that fit for your marketing needs. Choose from over 100 selectable data points, such as age, gender and geography, as well as from our unique behavioral-response categories, including unique attributes such as ethnicity, religion, credit ranking where identified category-specific campaign responders are targeted. World to World Media also has over 9 million businesses with key BtoB sectors with over 18,000 different SIC codes and over 675 different job titles. All of our e-mail data is compiled in house and is 100% opt-in and our campaign procedures are fully compliant with the Federal CAN-SPAM Act.



Data Appending Solutions


World To World Media specializes in Email Append, which uses your customers' names and postal addresses to quickly find their email addresses. You can boost sales and reduce costs by marketing to your current customers through email. We maximize the accuracy and quantity of email addresses you'll receive by using our in-house database of over 100,000,000 opt-in consumer records in combination with our industry leading technology with an average match rate of 25%. All data is can spam compliance and you can choose from over 100 selectable data points including unique attributes such as ethnicity, religion, credit ranking, and enhance your database for improved customer retention, communication and targeting. In the end, you are delivered a fully opted-in list that you can use again and again…because you own the data!



Mobile Marketing


Extend your marketing reach, get more from your advertising dollars, and build more loyal relationships with consumers. The vast majority of your prospective customers own a mobile communications device, capable of sending and receiving information. And, they have that Mobile Phone with them all day, every day. (SMS Marketing) – World To World Media is the top digital marketing firm to offer targeted mobile marketing solutions. Mobile advertising offers a truly unique platform for marketers to reach consumers of all ages. With our Mobile service, brands can reach a targeted audience of 30 Million savvy opt-in mobile users who have agreed to receive mobile messaging wherever they are. These users get a limited number of promotions per month (4 SMS max) and have an easy Opt-in / Opt-out mechanism in place to receive third party SMS (text message) promotions, but have also been identified and categorized as responders to previous SMS (text message) campaigns and promotions that are 100% SPAM FREE- and are sent in accordance with regulations set by the Mobile Marketing Association.


Lead Generation


World to World Media’s extensive online lead generation programs offers a
combination of expert in-house resources and vast experiences. Wheter via
co-registration, banner placement or email, sales lead generation and creating online sales requires a first class technical infraestructure. Our team of experienced lead generation technologists coupled with our marketing experts provide solutions designed to maximize lead flow and conversions.


Direct Mail


With time, World To World Media has accumulated millions of opt-in consumer records from online campaigns, as well as through list management and data acquisition opportunities. Our consumer data is cleaned on a periodic basis and has been overlaid with over 100 selectable data points. From these data points, not only have we created unique E-mail and Mobile lists for our Digital Marketing campaigns, but we’ve also created responsive Direct Mail lists, used by the largest national brands, agencies and direct mail houses in the country. Our Direct Mail lists all pass our company’s rigorous NCOA and CASS certification process, ensuring the most accurate, up-to-date and deliverable data in the industry.






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